Hash House Harriers

a drinking club with a running problem

Join us on our next hash!

Black Ops (NEW) Moon Hash

When: July 25, 2014 18:00 (HST)

Where: 912 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139


Dear Hashers-

 Do you want a real BMH3 trail in July? Fine, set one, but ALL THE COOL KIDZ WILL BE  AT INVIHASH AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO.

 Instead we are setting a NEW Moon (Black-Ops) Hash!

Where: Plow and Stars, Mass Ave, Cambridge.
(Closest T: Central on the red line)
When: 6:30HST
Who: Wikipedophilia and Udder Whore
How much: $5

Theme: Black-ops/Navy SEALs/Spy/supper secret and stealthy!

What to expect: A trail that Navy SEALS would appriciate (ie, water crossings), urban shiggy, beer, alcohol, debauchery

What to bring: Cranimum cover, a lack of morals, a change of clothes (if you plan on doing the water crossing).

On-After: Charlies Kitchen.